Our mission is to create a fitness environment built upon the principles of inclusion for all bodies and abilities, the pursuit of lifelong fitness and wellness, and to foster genuine connection among the Resistance community. We champion a community with character, openness, and compassion. We are Resistance. 


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We have over 3,000 square feet of prime workout space, along with a separate lounge area to fellowship and commune with the rest of the Resistance Family. Our space offers lockers, bathrooms (including a shower), communal lounge area to fellowship after you break that sweat!


We are proud and excited to announce that we have partnered up with the Heliyo team. There is truly no one in this world who is more genuinely excited and passionate about the anatomy of the human body and its movement mechanics than its founder, Corydon Marrs (Doctor in Physical Therapy, Master of Science in Physical Therapy); the man has earned multiple degrees in these very subjects. He brings with him a staff who is not only passionate and focused on optimizing the human body, but were also all former competitive functional fitness athletes, so they genuinely understand what we do.

Heliyo is a full-service athletics performance company that provides a variety of personalized services focused on optimizing athletics performance for athletes of every caliber. Heliyo’s mission is to help athletes train smarter, recover stronger and increase overall performance, while minimizing and preventing future injuries. Their keen understanding of the human body allows them to quickly identify structural imbalances with athletes’ bodies and subsequently guide them to returning to the body’s most natural and optimized movement patterns. Their services include corrective exercises, movement optimization, physical therapy and performance training. We are very excited to finally get them on board and to offer their services to our Resistance family! Please reach out to Corydon Marrs at corydon@heliyo.com or Maggie Mullen at maggie@heliyo.com should you have any interest in booking an introductory or exploratory appointment.