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We’d like to start this next section off by first thanking you for being part of this diverse, talented and amazingly badass Resistance family. You are the reason we exist, and we could not and would not be here without you.  This community means everything to me, and we love that this family is filled with a diverse, talented group of unique individuals who kick ass in life – both inside and outside the gym. Just off the top of our heads, we have people in our Resistance family who are researching cures for  cancer, fighting fires, managing Lulu’s, assessing employee engagement, practicing law, marketing consumer products, pursuing PHD’s in chemistry, solving clean water filter problems for third world countries, studying transportation and mechanical design, working real estate, collaborating in restaurants, and saving lives as nurses and doctors. We love bragging about you all – because just as people brag on their badass siblings, it’s how we brag about you. So thank you for being in our family and for being you, because this family wouldn’t function without you. This letter is a little long given how long it’s been since our last update, so please bear with us!


As all of you have noticed by now, we have changed our name! The name CrossFit Resistance holds a great meaning to myself, Paolo, and our current community. It’s something Big Al, Nub, Paolo, Ken, and myself created completely from nothing. All we did was have an idea that came into fruition because of our great community and it will forever be a staple to what our brand has built.

With things changing and the fitness community becoming more diverse, it’s natural that CrossFit Resistance creates it own momentum to show who we are and what we represent.

That being said our future class offerings are going to expand. We are still a CrossFit gym at our core, but will add more HIIT classes aka ReCon, more weightlifting, CrossFit kids, and more cardio based classes.

Along with the added classes and other additions to our gym; we will now be known as Resistance Athletics because we’re more than just CrossFit, we’re more than just lifting and throwing around weights, we are a community driven by strength and conditioning.

To our members: myself and Paolo want to thank you for your support throughout the years and for your continued support for us and the rest of the Resistance community.

Coach Mike and Coach P

This update really should have been sent months ago, and I do apologize for the delay, but we have been waiting for the “right time”; but just like any good procrastination, 3 months passed before I realized we hadn’t appropriately communicated anything. So here goes:

As many of you know, we went through a slight shift in management in July 2019. Our founding fathers, Alan Jardaleza, Nabil Suleiman and Ken Rodriguez, decided to transition from management and oversight of the business to coaching, while focusing on different priorities after building out this amazing business. Fortunately, both Mike Enriquez (also a founding member) and Paolo Sison have opted to stay on as owners with us and continue to be 100% dedicated and focused on making Resistance the premiere gym, community and experience in Los Angeles.

In 2013, Alan, Nabil, Ken and Mike started CrossFit Resistance at 464 Colorado Blvd with 1,500 square feet sandwiched between a suit store that sold suits for $20 and some other business that was either a terrible business or a very successful mob front business. Within that original space, there were two rigs, no parking spaces, and ceilings so low that I would hit my head on the top when I did bar muscle ups (Fun fact: I was the first member at Resistance over 6 feet tall. They literally had a Resistance basketball team that specifically stipulated teams needed to be “6 feet and under”). For the first few weeks, Mike, Alan, Nabil and Ken stood around in an empty gym for hours, wondering when – and if – people would show up. They paid themselves nothing for years, investing hours of time to building this community and business, despite having full time jobs elsewhere. And slowly, but surely, 10 members evolved to 50 members, which evolved to over 100, which is a grand testament to their persistence and will. We outgrew our space, bidding farewell to the mob front and suit store, and moving into where we are today at 695 S Raymond Ave.

This gym was built on the literal blood, sweat and tears of Mike, Alan, Nabil and Ken. We could not and would not be here without them, and we owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude for the community they have set up for us. They set a culture of love and community here at Resistance, and propelled this gym to success. After 6 years of 15 hour days, time away from family, and the constant stress of running a small business, Nabil, Ken and Alan felt it was time for them to move on to other priorities outside of managing the gym, while still staying involved as coaches. Alan and Nabil will continue coaching and building on the foundation they started here, and Ken will serve on our board and consult us with his invaluable business expertise. The next time you see any of the three of them at the gym, please make sure to thank them for helping make this gym what it is today.

If you’ve kept reading up to this point, I’m impressed! Thank you for being in this family and making me better every day I see you. I’m truly grateful for that, and I hope I’ll someday have the same effect on you.


Mike, P, and W

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