Maggie Kennedy – Manager + Coach

I began at CrossFit OldTown in DC when I was 16 years old back in ’08. I often say I was raised not by a pack of wolves, but a pack of weightlifters – haha. I had never touched a barbell a single day of my life until that first day in a box. I was NOT HOOKED right away, but did love the community of healthy, driven individuals and it kept me coming back. I love that every day looks a little different, but always pushes me fully! 

I began coaching in 2011, eager to give back and as I come up on 11 years of coaching, I can’t imagine it not a part of my life. I love helping people get connected to their body, learning how to communicate with their muscles and push themself mentally. I believe what we do in one hour together will benefit the other 24 in your day. 

When I’m not at the gym I’m probably wandering around outside somewhere with my dog Athena. I really love to push the Prowler (sled) or some Snatches. When I first started, I was terrified of the barbell, and tried to avoid it as much as possible..I was eventually pushed beyond that 🙂

If I could live in any universe… put me on Pandora and make me a blue person. Is this even a question!?

You should know.. I really love dogs.